Saturday, June 13, 2009

Day 2 - the Missouri

Wireless (G3)Internet connection at Lewis and Clark State Park along the Missouri River

First off let me admit that my geography is off by a few hundred miles. We crossed the Mississippi this morning (Thursday) at Hannibal, and this evening, after a pleasant and rather boring drive across Missouri on US 36, are camping on an oxbow lake where Lewis and Clark camped 205 years ago this July 4th on their way up the Missouri River. (I had the rivers reversed last night.)

The Jeep continues to be quite amazing. Can even use the cruise control in the rolling hills. Kansas tomorrow, mostly along I-70, so that should be even easier than today. Looking forward to seeing how it all handles in the mountains – I expect it to be a bit marginal in terms of serious uphill pulling power.

This evening after dinner we walked through a Lewis and Clark interpretation trail through some prairie, which was all very informative. Mosquitoes were among their most worrisome enemies!

We have another good Internet connection here – the AT&T wireless card is really cool.

Looking forward to tomorrow – I always like Kansas, with its rolling hills and broad vistas and high climbing sky; plus we’re camping at a very cool state park way out in the prairie. More on that tomorrow. But I doubt we’ll have a wireless connection – we’ll be 40 miles south of I-70 in literally just about the middle of nowhere.

It’s been really great to be able to make a trip like this without having to eat fast food. Cereal and strawberries from our garden for breakfast, black bean soup for lunch, and tonight more spaghetti and meatballs from the coffee shop plus a homebrewed lager with lemon. Tomorrow night is turkey pot pie, also from the coffee shop. Life is good.

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