Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Day 1 - Colorado Trip

Now we are indeed starting to feel like our retirement is upon us, because we are in Day 1 of a leisurely camping trip out to Colorado. Although several of my Facebook peers have derided me for not camping in a tent, I claim veterans’ rights – been there done that.

Our 4.7 liter Jeep Grand Cherokee today pulled our Jayfeather 27 footer with ease, getting about 11.5 miles to the gallon. The new Reese Towing System, with dual cam sway control, has made today’s driving, which included both narrow 2 lane as well as high speed Interstate, a real breeze. The Jeep has plenty of oomph, and the jeep/trailer combo feels rock solid. We’re sticking to the speed limit, which may explain the decent gas mileage.

We only drove about 200 miles today, because we didn’t start until 3 p.m., when Susan got home from work. We’re camping tonight at D&W Lake Campground, just north of Champaign, IL. Very pleasant. We’re sitting outside, drinking some homebrew, waiting for our meal from KenapocoMocah to heat up. Spaghetti with meatballs and garlic bread, plus fresh salad from the Fingerles – poor us.

Tomorrow we drive across Missouri and camp along the Mississippi River at Lewis and Clark State Park – where the explorers actually camped in 1804. I’ll probably post some pictures then. Then the next day we drive most of the way across Kansas, and stay at a state park near Monument Rocks, the old wagon train landmark. If the light is right, we’ll get some pictures.

We’re listening to a great book tape – The 19th Wife, about Mormans.

We’re sad to hear about the shooting at the Holocaust Museum – Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck and those people have blood on their hands – domestic terrorism has long been this country’s ugly little secret. We’ve been to the Holocaust Museum with our kids, so it’s really nasty to see these people trying to take away our freedoms.

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